Product Features

Fast curing (especially at low temperatures)
The carbonate is crystalline and does not easily absorb moisture, so the surface of the coating film is not sticky.
Good water and chemical resistance of cured product
High hydrophobicity and curing inhibition due to carbonate formation is less unlikely to occur.

Basic Physical Properties

Meta-xylenediamine (MXDA) has a lower AHEW than a typical cycloaliphatic amine, leading to the reduction of cost.
In addition, MXDA has lower viscosity and better workability than competitive amines.

Main Applications

MXDA is used in various applications where corrosion resistance and chemical resistance are required.

  • Coating of piping, etc.
    MXDA has high water and chemical resistance, making it suitable as a curing agent for coatings on pipes and other structures.
  • Heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings (bridges, marine structures)
    MXDA has high water and salt water resistance, making it suitable as a coating for structures that require corrosion protection, such as bridges and offshore structures.
  • Tank Coatings
    Tank coatings require chemical resistance, and MXDA is used as an epoxy resin curing agent.
  • Marine Coatings
    MXDA has high water and salt water resistance, making it suitable as an epoxy curing agent for marine coatings.
  • Flooring materials
    MXDA has fast curing, high hardness, water resistance, and corrosion resistance, making it suitable as an epoxy curing agent for flooring applications.
  • Composite materials, FRP
    MXDA has excellent workability and productivity due to its low viscosity and fast curing. Because of its corrosion resistance, it is used as a repair and reinforcement material for wind turbine blades.

Chemical Resistance

Compared to typical polyamines, MXDA has higher chemical resistance to various chemicals such as acids, organic solvents, and salt water. As a result, MXDA is widely used in applications requiring corrosion resistance, such as coatings for pipes, marine paints, and flooring materials.

Cost Reduction: Low Active Hydrogen Equivalent Weight

Compared to other high functional polyamines, MXDA has a smaller molecular weight and a lower active hydrogen equivalent. The amount of MXDA in the formulation can be reduced up to 20%, leading to cost reduction.