Privacy Policy

It is the belief of Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company Inc., (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) that the privacy of the individual should be respected and that provision of proper and appropriate security in respect of Personal Information (*) is a social responsibility, and it is in this spirit that the Company implements procedures for the handling of Personal Information under the provisions of the policy detailed hereunder.
* The term “Personal Information” used above and elsewhere in this document is as defined under the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Japanese Law).

  1. The Company shall obey the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other laws concerning Personal Information and shall follow proper and appropriate procedures in the acquisition and usage of such information.
  2. The Company shall formulate regulations regarding the handling of Personal Information and shall ensure that its employees shall strictly observe such regulations. Additionally, the Company shall require that outside companies to which work is consigned treat Personal Information in an appropriate manner and shall take the necessary and appropriate measures to oversee procedures for handling of such information.
  3. The scope within which Personal Information shall be used shall be notified or announced and the usage of such information shall be restricted to said scope.
  4. The Company shall endeavor to maintain Personal Information accurate and up to date as far as necessary for the achievement of the purpose of use, and to delete such Personal Information without delay when the Company has no need to use the information any more.
  5. Secure administrative measures shall be implemented to ensure security of Personal Information and the Company shall take every possible preventative measure to eliminate the risk of such incidents as illegal access to and leakage, loss and modification of such information.
  6. The Company shall diligently review and improve administrative and handling procedures of Personal Information.

Handling of Personal Information etc.

  1. Purpose of the Usage of Personal Information
    Personal Information provided to the Company shall be used for purposes of sales of the Company's products, provision of services, response to inquiries, contact regarding products and services, research, production of Anonymously Processed Information and other activities necessary in conducting the business of the Company. Furthermore, in the event of acquisition and/or usage of Personal Information for the purposes beyond the scope of activities detailed above, the purposes of such acquisition and/or usage shall be clearly defined in advance.
  2. Disclosure of Personal Information etc. to Third Parties
    • In order to pursue legitimate interests for achieving the purposes specified above, or permitted by the applicable laws or regulations, Personal Information provided to the Company may be disclosed to the affiliate companies within the Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Group, and third parties such as sales agents, business partners and business consignees related to the business of the Company.
    • In cases where it is necessary to jointly utilize Personal Information provided to the Company with the affiliate companies within the Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Group and third parties, the matters defined in the Japanese Law shall be notified.
    • In cases where it is necessary to disclose Anonymously Processed Information made by the Company or provided to the Company to third parties, the matters defined in the Japanese Law shall be notified.

Personal Information on the Website

The Company protects privacy when handling Personal Information of visitors who use the Company's website based on “Privacy Policy” and “Handling of Personal Information” as set forth by the Company.

  1. Use of Cookies
    The Company uses “cookies” to identify the computer used by the visitor to our website for the purpose to provide a more comfortable browsing experience when re-visiting this website. Use of this functionality does not cause any negative effects to the visitor's user environment. It is possible to refuse acceptance of cookies by changing the browser's settings.
  2. Use of Web Beacons
    The Company uses technology to collect statistics on access to certain pages.
    It is not possible to identify or distinguish the visitor's privacy through use of these technologies.
  3. SSL (Encrypted Transmission)
    In order to protect the privacy of the visitor, the Company uses SSL (encrypted transmission) to encrypt all data that could identify the individual visitor. By using a browser that supports this security functionality, Personal Information, etc., entered by the visitor is encrypted to prevent such information from leakage to third parties.
  4. Access Logs
    The Company records visitor information in the form of access logs. The data is used for statistical analysis related to usage conditions. The visitor's browser, OS type, IP address, date/time of access, etc., are recorded but this information is not used for personal profiling.
  5. Limitations on Protection of Personal Information
    The Company's website may contain links to third parties but the Company cannot assume any responsibility for the handling of Personal Information on the websites other than those of the Company.


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