Mineral Casting Epoxy resin hardener for Mineral Casting

  • 1,3-BAC

Chemical Structure

✔ Fast curing ✔ High Tg ✔ Good appearance
✔ Good weather resistance ✔ High hardness

Mineral casting is a material that contributes to more sustainable and environmentally friendly industrial production due to its resource saving, almost CO2-free production (cold casting), and environmentally friendly disposal and recycling. 1,3-BAC’s fast curing, high Tg, and good weather resistance make it a suitable epoxy resin curing agent for this application.

Fast Curing and Short Curing Time

1,3-BAC is a fast curing agent and can complete curing in a shorter time than other curing agents. In addition, 1,3-BAC has a fast Tg rise and can achieve a higher Tg than other curing agents even in short-time curing.

Weather Resistance and Hardness

Epoxy resin cured materials using 1,3-BAC are characterized by better weather resistance and smaller yellowing than those using common aliphatic amines. Furthermore, they are characterized by high hardness.

Formulation Example

Typical formulations of BisA epoxy resin and 1,3-BAC are shown. 1,3-BAC can be blended in smaller amounts relative to 100 parts of the base compound than typical alicyclic amines.
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